Plated metal finishes

accessories for garments

A clothing item needs to be accompanied by fine and small metal accessories to be considered truly comprehensive and well finished. Zippers, buttons, buckles, chains and metal or light alloy clamps are some of the accessories that complete an outfit and make it truly unique and comfortable.

The quality of these items is critical, the materials used, the construction techniques, their application to garments provides greater value in a handbag, a belt, an overcoat. The processes are also performed with plating of precious metals. The alloys are subjected to plating baths which reinforce the surfaces and make them resistant to corrosion.

Imitation jewelery as fashion accessories

The leather or fabric garments, and leather accessories such as shoes, can be equipped with specific and original finishes which are exclusively decorative or also functional, such as clothing belts, straps for sandals or shoes and cuff-links.

Operating since 1990, Sani has perfected precise production procedures and working techniques and modern high value that allow the creation of accessories for leather and small metal goods and clothing with precision, impeccable workmanship and in detail. Contact us to receive technical specifications and to see our complete catalogues.

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