Sales and production of small costume jewelery parts

sale of costume jewelery items

Sani offers personalised advice to enhance jewellery collections and fashion accessories of companies, craftsmen, fashion houses, with supply original and specific jewellery products .

Consult our catalogues in order to make your creations shine even more. We are confident that you will also find the missing components for adorning your creations.

Costume jewelery: a play of bright and advanced forms

Jewellery is a kingdom made of a play between bright colours and advanced forms. Wearing costume jewellery triggers the imagination and the desire to show oneself in different ways. A hint of glamour which can transmit panache or impetus; jewellery is the detail which distinguishes you from others.

Sani has made its brand stand out. The company began as a small workshop in Florence, and has always focused on refinement and quality of products to be placed in the markets of Italy and abroad. Each creation stands out for its refined shape, for study of increasingly innovative models and heterogeneity of the offer. And even today it is a well-established company which interprets these values ​​in the production of parts for jewellery.

The company produces both finished jewellery and accessories and components for finishing jewellery products:

  • collets for rings
  • collets for necklaces
  • chains
  • closures and hooks
  • special metal decorative details
  • piercing
  • semi-finished silver items

Components for Italian jewelery are in demand all over the world

We have won, over the years, contracts for the creation of parts for costume jewellery from numerous Italian and foreign brands and is now working at an international level in Europe and Asia.

The most demanding producers of jewellery collections are turning to Sani to enrich their collections with excellently crafted accessories. You can contact us to learn about the peculiarities of its work and to receive information on various items.

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